RIDE ALONG season 1 -8x13minutes episodes



Ride Along Season 1 : CUMBUCO – BRAZIL


Brazil is the second stop of Jeremie ‘s journey around the most exotic kiteboarding spots.

Cumbuco, charming litle fishing village located in the North East part of this colorful country has become a re-noun kitesurfing mecca.




Ride Along Season 1 : UNION ISLAND

Surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, the island dependent from St Vincent has known how to preserve it’s environment. For this new episode,  Jeremie  will transport you threw some of the most beautiful colors you have ever seen on TV.

The clear water of the Tobago Cays, the amazing lagoons and incredible fishing days are some of the few things featured in this episode.


Ride Along Season 1 : INDONESIA

Indonesia has some of the best surf spot on the planet.
The amazing waves in Bali or the stunning landscapes of the island of Sumbawa are where Jeremie  spent some time for this new episode of ride along focusing on the wave aspect of kitesurfing.



Ride Along Season 1 : Los Roques – Venezuela

The archipelago of Los Roques in Venezuela is one of the most beautiful place we have had the chance to visit.
The nature and beauty of the various island were a true inspiration for Jeremie  kitesurfing around the sandy beaches and eating the catch of the day for an episode rich in colors.



Ride Along Season 1 : Zanzibar – Tanzania

Located on the south east part of Africa, the island of Zanzibar is a true change in what our ride Along kitesurfers were use to visit.
Masai warriors on the beach, immense lagoon to kitesurf on or dolphins you can ride along with, Zanzibar was a unique experience we got on tape for an exclusive episode of Ride Along



Ride Along Season 1 : St Martin – Norway – Egypt

Egypt, the Caribbean island of St Martin and Norway are the various destination this episode of Ride Along will transport you.
From the sandy Egyptian dunes to the crystal Caribbean water Jeremie got a taste of a numerous variety of what planet earth has to offer to play on.



Ride Along Season 1 : Cape Verde

Cape Verde, located on the north west part of the legendary continent of Africa is an Eden for surfers, windsurfers or kitesurfers looking for amazing wave conditions.
Together with Mallory and the local rider Mitu, Jeremie stopped at Ponta Preta on the island of Sal before heading to some neighbor islands looking for some new surf spots.




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